Days Out: Warwick Play Village.

As I mentioned in my last post we’re making a real effort to make sure we’re having lots of quality time with Harls and Ada and have been having lots of lovely days out. I’ve decided to share some of our favourites on here in a new weekly Days Out section because I know everybody is always looking for inspiration and that hidden gem. For my first post I’ll be writing about Warwick Play Village.

What is it?

An incredible mini village for the kids. There’s a hairdressers, vets, hospital, coffee shop and supermarket plus more, as well as village green. Throughout the two and a half hour session playmakers allow the children to play in the village doing all kinds of ridiculously fun things like performing in the theatre and caring for a tortoise in the vets (this is Harley’s fave thing to do there). Each session has a theme, which involves different games, treasure hunts and general fun – the last time we were there it was the turn of the village games where the children could take part in bean bag balance races and musical bumps.

Warwick Play Village

Image: Warwick Play Village.

The playmakers regularly call the kids over to take part (but they can continue playing in the village if they’d prefer) and it’s so engaging for them. It’s basically a real life Biggleton – I wish there had been one when I was younger!

Both Harley and Ada love it there. Harley really enjoys the imaginative play whilst Ada just generally loves running around like a crazy in a safe environment.

The parents are encouraged to get involved but if you have older kids you are able to leave them to explore alone as it’s all on one level and super secure.

There’s an amazing café/bistro (The Village Bistro), which serves breakfast and lunch dependent on the session time. We ordered The Little Picnic Basket (£3.95) for the kids which includes a choice of a ham, jam or cheese sandwich plus fresh fruit, cake bites and a squash – great value and so beautifully presented.

The Kids Picnic Basket.

The Kids Picnic Basket.

The three sessions they offer are 9.30am, 12.30pm and 3.30pm everyday.

Where is it?

It’s in Warwick, not far from Warwick Castle. Sat navs do not like the postcode and end up sending you somewhere else so you’re best to get directions from here.


Adults & babies under 6 months are free, non-walkers are £4 and confident steady walkers are £8.95 (£9.95 on weekends).

Top Tip.

Book early! It’s brilliant that there are only a select number of places during each session so that the kids can really enjoy the village but that means weekends and school holidays in particular get booked up really fast. If you have toddlers and aren’t restricted by school holidays I’d definitely recommend going during term time.

All the deets.

Take a look at their website here.

It’s one of our favourite places to take the kids, especially now Ada is walking. It’s so much fun for them without all the chaos of soft play. There’s such great attention to detail, even down to the stamps on the little letters and parcels the kids can deliver to each venue when playing the role of the postman.

The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. x


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