The totally underrated milestones.

Ahh milestones. Nobody warns you but as soon as you become a parent you become hooked constantly looking for the next one. The first time they sleep through the night, the first word, the first step, the list is endless. With your first child you can basically reel off every date, time and exact age in months/weeks/minutes for each individual milestone, with your second child you probably missed them doing it and only realised they were crawling about three days after they started (#secondchildproblems).

A couple of years ago I wrote about the milestones you won’t find in the books – spoiler alert – there is a lot of poo, sick and snot in there. Now I want to talk about the totally underrated milestones.

These are the biggies that actually aren’t talked about. The ones that make your life just that little bit easier. You had no idea how much of impact they’d make on your life until they happened.

When your child can get into their own car seat. We’ve recently changed Harley’s car seat and he now has a high backed booster seat that will last him until he’s a small adult (ok exaggeration – 12) and now he can jump straight into the car and get himself all ready to have his seatbelt done up – another couple of weeks and he’ll have mastered doing up the seatbelt too I reckon.

When your child can get themselves dressed. We’re in the good phase with this one at the moment; the one where we can decide the clothes and it’s a novelty for him to get himself dressed. I think this is a short lived one as I know pretty soon he’ll say no to the outfits we set out for him and then it becomes a whole other ball game.

When your child can have a conversation on the phone with you. I’m back at work now (three days a week – I wrote about it here) and love my phone calls back to the grandparents at lunchtime to see how the kids are getting on, especially as Harley usually jumps on the phone and gives me a little update. I love that I can have a full conversation with him about his day and he always ends the call by saying ‘love you’. SOB.

When your child can put something in the bin. Total game-changer. Even better for me – Ada has started copying Harley. Woooo.

When your child masters the Amazon Fire remote. I am in love with the Disney Life app but why oh why does it not automatically play the next episode when a TV episode finishes?

When your child can make something for you. Total honesty here, I’ve never liked crafting but since Harley’s been at pre-school I understand how important it is to encourage him. He now loves it and actually so do I. Nothing prepares you for when they bring home something from nursery/preschool/school that they’ve made especially for you. The Mother’s Day card he brought home for me this year almost made me cry.

So see there are lots of underrated milestones that aren’t featured in books and baby apps – these are just some of my favourites.

The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. x w


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