Anybody else?

So in this game of parenting I often find myself wondering how everybody else does it. How do people look so calm and collected? How do they get through the day without becoming shouty mum and how the hell do they keep their house so clean and tidy?!

Anybody else struggle to take pictures on a day out?

Everybody I know manages to take lots of photographs when they’re on days out, I either forget or don’t have chance. My phone album is full of shots of two random pictures at the end of most of our days out when I’ve realised I’ve not taken any pictures. By then everybody is tired, filthy and usually a bit aggy.

Anybody else wake up full of hope and promise about getting stuff done and end the day having done nothing?

I’m off work on a Wednesday and Thursday and try to cram so much in. Mornings are for the kids and usually involve some kind of soft play or park visit but then afternoons are my time. Harley is at nursery and Ada has her nap and my list is as long as my arm. I often envisage that those two and a half hours are going to be when the bathroom is cleaned, the oven is scrubbed, the sink is Zofloraed, my wardrobe is decluttered, I Depop the decluttered wardrobes, I package up the previously Depoped items, I write a blog post, I start prepping dinner… the list is endless. In reality the bathroom is cleaned. I really need to lower my expectations.

Anybody else scroll through their camera roll at the end of the day and stare at pictures of their babies?

Granted they are usually random selfies that Ada has taken or pictures of her feet (see my first point) but there are some good ones on there when I remember to take them. I love sitting down at the end of the day and looking at pictures of my not-so-little babies. They’re so cute.

Anybody else have the best intentions about cooking fresh meals but it never quite pans out?

I try SO hard. I’m not a good cook. I have all the intentions of cooking the most amazing dinners for the kids when I’m off work but in reality it’s never that great. Harley is a very honest critic and will let me know what he thinks, Ada will just chuck it on the floor. Standard.

Anybody else spend a fortune on their kids wardrobe whilst theirs is still full of clothes pre-babies that don’t really fit?

Guilty! Kids clothes are so much better than adults. I live vicariously through Ada’s wardrobe whilst wearing a pair of Birkenstocks that have to be at least seven years old.

Anybody else really really hate being outside?

I have never liked the outdoors so I always knew I’d never be an outdoorsy mum. I do know now that I need to stop my hatred of the bugs, wasps and dirt from preventing us from playing outside. Harley is the total opposite; he basically rolls around in dirt and searches high and low for insects. His school report talks lots about his love of the outdoors.

Anybody else have a total irrational fear of their kids getting sickness bugs?

I know it’s a given with kids but I have the worse fear of sickness bugs. As soon as Harley tells me that his tummy is hurting or he feels a bit sick I go into overdrive and freak out. If I hear anyone else talking about any bugs my ears prick up and immediately I start panicking that the kids are going to catch it. Anybody else or just me?!

Anybody else find that they talk about their kids all the time but can’t stop? And actually doesn’t care?

You could be talking to me about bin bags and I’d still be able to turn the conversation around. I don’t even care, my kids are amazing and I’ll talk about them allllll day long!

Anybody else feel really passionate about things that they never thought they would?

For me it’s bin bags (Brabantia may be expensive but they’re the best), having a good old routine and the constant search for some good dish cloths. Oh how 16 year old me would laugh.

Anybody else agree?! I also asked lots of questions back when I wrote Is It Just Me?!

The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. x


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