Our holiday essentials for travelling with two children.

Ola! We’ve just got back from a 10-day trip to Spain with the two kids – our first as a family of four – and God lord I’m exhausted. It was fun but tiring, definitely not like the relaxing summer breaks we used to go on but still lovely to spend 10 whole days with my babies. Life was made so much easier with a few travel/holiday essentials I swear by so I wanted to share them so hopefully they can make your holiday a little easier too.

The DreamBaby Fan.

I have banged on about this bad boy for years now but the DreamBaby fan is the ultimate must-have product if you’re going anywhere hot with little ones. It clips onto the pushchair, travel cot, highchair etc. and is battery powered. It’s also made out of foam so super child-friendly. And when the kids aren’t using it you’ll be glad you packed one for you too!

Buggy Board.

Ada is now in the Chicco Echo so we invested in a Lascal Maxi Buggy Board, which fits 99% of pushchairs. Harley (now four) walks most places but as the kids were staying up with us of a night by the time we were walking back to our apartment it was 11pm so he’d hop on the buggy board to save his tired legs. It comes with a clip, which makes it really easy to hold in place when it’s not being used. We brought ours new when it was on offer (£45) and sold it as soon as we back on Facebook Marketplace for £35 so definitely worth holding out for offers.

The Chicco Booster Seat.

I’ve always had a bit of an irrational thing about highchairs and germs so usually go through about 40 antibac wipes before letting Ada sit in one therefore a few years ago we invested in the Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat. We take it everywhere with us now as it straps onto most chairs and allows Ada to sit at the table with us rather than being at a different height.

Lots of toys.

An obvious but crucial one. Luckily our flight was only a couple of hours but I knew keeping Ada entertained was going to be tough so I got her and Harley some new toys to keep them busy on the plane. They got their first one once we were in the air and then had a new one every half an hour. Nothing too fancy or expensive, a small LEGO set each, new crayons/felt tips and colouring/sticker books etc. I also got this total bargain LEGO set for Harley that he took out with him every night when we went for dinner – it comes in a special travel case. Also keep an eye out for special offers such as the Argos ‘2 for £15’ as they usually have great travel toys too.


Don’t fight the iPad – it’s your friend. Load it up with some of the free TV apps, including BBC iPlayer, Sky Kids (if you are a Sky customer) and YouTube Kids and make sure you download some programmes in case you don’t have access to Wi-Fi. Quick piece of advice – you can’t download or stream on BBC iPlayer once you’re out of the UK so make sure you download everything before you go.

Finally, patience.

Oh my, I knew it would be hard but sometimes it was really hard. The heat makes everybody hot and tired at times and sometimes patience can run low. The airport doesn’t help either! Where you can try and make life easier – does your airport have a fast-track lane for security? You usually only have to pay for the adults in the party so that’s always a good option. And I always wait until the very last minute to get on the plane although usually airlines try to get you on there first – the least amount of time you have to be on there, the better!

If you’re heading away have the very best time (if you’re travelling with a baby and worrying about leaving behind the Perfect Prep here’s our how we dealt with it). It is hard but it’s also amazing. Nothing beats a holiday away with your babies and in a few years time you’ll be wishing they still wanted to come away with you rather than ditching the family holiday for a trip to Ibiza with their mates.

The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. x


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