9 things I’ve learnt about the school run.

So the school run hey? It all sounds pretty simple, get the kids ready, get out of the house and to school. Boom. Nope, definitely not that easy. In seven short weeks I’ve learnt a lot about the school run…

The actual school run isn’t the hard bit.

I’m one of the lucky ones, school is just around the corner from us so I don’t have to do the great car parking space treasure hunt every morning. For this reason the actual journey to and from school isn’t too bad for me other than when I’m trying to bribe Ada into her pushchair at 8.40am in the morning with the only successful sweetener being a chocolate button.

Kids move very very very slowly.

There’s no logic behind it but my children walk/eat/drink/brush their teeth/get dressed a million times slower on a weekday than they do at the weekend.

Kids are much hungrier on school mornings.

They also seem to demand two breakfasts on a weekday ultimately reducing the amount of time we have to get ready. I also panic about the thought of Harley going hungry during the day so happily give him as much food as he wants before he goes to school.

I’m not as organised as I thought.

I’ve always prided myself on being organised – I’m a Virgo, it comes with the territory – yet it seems that the school run has fully exposed my organisational flaws. There’s just too much to remember – book bag, reading record book, lunch, water bottle, coat, wellies, PE kit… the list goes on.

No matter how on time I am, we always end up late.

Punctuality has never been a strength of mine but for some reason it gets so much worse on a school morning. Some days I’m up a good three hours before we even need to leave the house (cheers for that Ada), showered and dressed two hours before and everybody can be fed an hour before, and we’re STILL late. I believe that the school uniform has some kind of weird time vortex built into it as that’s where we seem to lose the time.

I walk ridiculously fast.

And following the lateness issue I try to make up for it by walking faster than most of the cars are travelling down the road. Poor Harley is usually having to run to keep up but we definitely can’t be late. For somebody with such short legs (seriously they are short) I can walk verrrrry fast.

The school run really brings out my shouty mum side.

Jeez the struggle is real. Sometimes I can’t hold her in – the sheer frustration and panic of being late brings her out. And then I spend the first three hours of the school day feeling guilty about shouting at my babies.

My neighbours probably think I’m a crazy lady.

I’m sure they set their watch by me – 8.40am flying out the front door, Ada shouting ‘puttons’ (aka chocolate buttons) and me yelling at Harley to wait on the drive and not jump in puddles.

If it’s going to rain at any point during the day, you can pretty much guarantee it’ll be between 8.30am – 9am or 3pm – 3.30pm.

No need to explain any further, it’s just a fact.

So there you have it, school isn’t just an education for the kids, I’m learning new things too. I can get up at 5.15am and still be running late but as long as I walk really fast and have a packet of chocolate buttons handy we’ll make it just in time for the school bell.

The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. x


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