Well my last post seems a bit premature now… it seems we probably won’t be going to Disney World in August but who knows. It’s a funny old time isn’t it? I feel like most people in that I’m having daily struggles – some mornings I wake up feeling positive, others not so much. And I thought that getting it all written down and out on here might help.

I’m going to be honest with you, I’ve been stressing about COVID-19 for a while, pretty much since the start of January when it first hit the news. I’d love to be somebody who doesn’t dwell on things but I’m a born worrier and unfortunately that means the worst case scenario is often playing out in my head. But honestly up until next week I never thought we’d get to this point.

Anyway as much as my brain is trying to get me to dwell on the sad stuff I’m trying to wear my big girl positive pants. The next few months will be tough and like many others I’ve cried a few tears, mainly for the things I feel the kids will miss out on, especially Harley as he’s been smashing his first year at school and is going to miss his teachers and friends so much. We know that kids thrive on routine so how the next few weeks will pan out, I have no idea. But I do know that now is the time to go back to basics and it’s probably Mother Nature’s way of showing us how we need to stop focusing on the material items and realise how lucky we are.

This time next year (hopefully) we’ll look back on this moment and remember it as a time that we all pulled together. All the lovely leaflets that are currently going through the doors of the elderly and vulnerable offering to pick-up shopping and other essentials, the mums on Facebook looking out for one another sharing tubs of formula and nappies with those that aren’t able to get any from the shops, and the beautiful moments we’re seeing from countries on lockdown when they all come together to sing songs and have mini raves on their balconies.

This will pass – I’m holding on tight to that – and hopefully our normal lives will return but I’m sure our priorities will be different. Just think how much you’ll appreciate that school assembly, trip to the supermarket and afternoon in the beer garden when all of this is over.

I hope everybody stays safe, looks after one another, stops stockpiling toilet rolls, pasta and hand soap, and that ultimately see the good in the little moments. If our grandparents could get through the war, we can get through this. This is time to put all those #bekind sentiments into action.

The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. X


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