Is it just me? The Lockdown Edition.

Well we’re over three weeks into our forced lockdown now and it’s all just a bit strange isn’t it? There’s no getting away from the fact that there is a lot to worry about right now but I’m still trying to wear those positive pants and throw myself into life in our little bubble.

Is it just me who is spending ridiculous amounts of money on food? Seriously, it’s taking roughly five days to empty the fridge and cupboards. In the words of Joe Exotic – ‘I am never gonna financially recover from this’.

Is it just me who has started to forget what ‘normal life’ is like? A hand shake? A hug? Say whaaaaat!

Is it just me who is cleaning all day everyday? I reckon I could give Mrs Hinch a run for her money at the moment. But also secretly I’m still in love with my new Dyson so any excuse to use it.

Is it just me who is struggling not to make plans? I am a planner. I’m a Virgo, what do you expect? Planning is my life and right now it’s pretty tough to plan for anything. Therefore my shopping list (which is one of the few things I can plan) is looking pretty epic and I’m channelling my planning energy into things I can control like Harley’s home learning and meal planning.

Is it just me who has spent the last few weeks frantically searching for a trampoline for the back garden? Finally managed to get one – BOOM.

Is it just me who couldn’t be more grateful for the sunshine right now? Everything looks better in the sunshine and being able to get outside, whether it be on your daily walk or in the back garden, makes you feel so much better.

Is it just me who is worried that nobody is going to recognise them after all this? I’ll no longer be blonde, will be a stone heavier and my eyebrows are in desperate need of a wax.

Is it just me who misses the sound of silence? Being able to be at home with the kids all day everyday is amazing and I know that we’ll never get this time back but oh em gee sometimes it’s hard. I’m somebody who loves to have time alone, silence. I’ve forgotten what that’s like!

Is it just me who likes to get up early just to sit down with a cup of tea and watch some Real Housewives? Thank God for Hayu.

And on that, is it just me whose tea consumption has increased ten-fold? It’s always the answer right?

Is it just me whose toddler has dropped their daytime nap? In the words of Joey Tribbiani – ‘Why God why?!’ If yours have I’m sending sympathy.

Is it just me who thinks hayfever is VERY badly timed this year? Coughing and sneezing whilst waiting in the queue at the supermarket is not ideal.

Is it just me who really really really misses the school run? Never thought I’d say that.

Is it just me who still has that teeny tiny bit of hope that we’re going to wake up one morning and they’re going to tell us that it’s all over and that this horrible disease has completely gone? 100% not going to happen but those positive pants are staying on.

Is it just me who is holding onto the hope that at some point in the future this will all be a distant memory? That first day trip to a theme park with the kids, ice cold beer in the beer garden and Sunday lunch at my mum and dads house is never going to have been so good.

Keep safe.

The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. x


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