7 Things I’ve Learnt During Lockdown.

Oh hey there, it’s been a while. I’d love to say that since the last time I’ve written that I’ve learnt two new languages, completed four virtual courses and reorganised my home – does under the stairs and my wardrobe count? – but where’s the fun in that?! Lockdown has been weird and stressful and so awful for everybody but hopefully we’re beginning to come out the other side.

Truth be told I was kind of expecting that we’d come out of lockdown in spectacular style. One night Boris would appear on our TV just like he did all those months ago and announce that lockdown was over – ‘go hug your family’ he’d say and we’d jump in the car and drive to our parents’ houses whilst fireworks filled the sky and neighbours danced on the streets together. Well now I know that’s not going to happen, boo. But we are slowly starting to get back to “normal” if that’s what we can call it.

For me, the past ten weeks have flown by, most likely because every morning we’re woken by the kids at 7am and after 12 or so hours of feeding them approximately every 20 minutes, breaking up arguments, charging tablets, building dens, finding new places to put Harley’s latest crafting project attempting to homeschool and changing Ada’s outfits (she likes to have several outfit changes a day), we’re ready for bed at 9pm. And whilst I may not have mastered a new sewing skill or decorated the house top to bottom, I have a few learnt things, let’s call them life lessons, the seven things I’ve learnt during lockdown.

I’ve learnt just how much I love (and need) a routine.

We were pretty set on ours now that Harley was at school and I was back at work but obviously lockdown has changed all that. Instead I’ve found a new routine – the big trip to a supermarket (WOO) on a Friday morning, Harley’s online theatre school class on a Saturday morning, a roast dinner on a Sunday and an earlier wake-up on a Thursday morning to catch-up with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  

I’ve learnt that I can be self-sufficient when it comes to beauty treatments.

Who knew it was so easy to tint your eyebrows? And I’ve mastered (using that term loosely) doing my own nails with gels and everything. Definitely in need of a good eyebrow wax though.

I’ve learnt that it’s impossible to do everything.

And that it’s even more impossible to keep a house clean and tidy with two kids under five. I know this but I’m still not able to let go of the dream just yet.

I’ve learnt that I can cook a mean roast dinner.

Lockdown has given me time to perfect my roasties and get all my timings right, and I’m ready to declare that my roast dinners are pretty ace. Anybody who knows me will know what an achievement this is as I didn’t even know what side of the toast to butter when I was a teenager.

I’ve learnt how it’s so important to have time just for you.

I love the sound of silence and gosh I’ve missed it. I usually only have silence for about an hour on the two days I’m off in the week whilst Ada is napping and Harley is at school, and I had no idea just how much I needed that time. I’m finding that setting an alarm before the kids wake up works for me meaning that I can have a cup of tea and watch some breakfast TV before the remote is taken off me and switched to Diana and Roma on YouTube – anybody else’s kids watch this? My two are obsessed with them.

I’ve learnt that actually the outdoors isn’t so bad.

I’ve always hated being outside but during lockdown I’ve realised how much being outside does for your peace of mind and mood therefore we’ve been spending lots of time in our back garden. Once the lockdown was lifted on travelling to places for exercise we’ve been going on lots of walks too. Still not keen on the insects though!

I’ve learnt not to take things for granted.

A trip to the supermarket right now feels like a holiday and as we’re currently in the process of rearranging our 2020 trips (including Disney World SOB) I’m milking it for everything I can. I do my hair, load up my phone with podcasts and skip out of the front door ready to queue. We’re incredibly lucky to have our two beautiful children but a couple hours out of the house alone right now keeps me sane. In all seriousness though, I have learnt to appreciate everything and everybody, I even miss the bloody school run!

I’m so hopeful that soon we’ll be able to pop round to our parents’ or friends’ houses for a cup of tea, go out for dinner in an actual restaurant, celebrate all those missed birthdays and generally just get back to some normality.

Stay safe!

The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. x


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