Parenting Podcasts you need to subscribe to.

I am obsessed with podcasts. If I ever get a moment alone in the car or on a run, I’m listening to a podcast and usually it’s a parenting podcast. Lucky for me there are so many podcasts available right now; some offering advice, some offering understanding and some sympathising with their parenting audience that actual having kids can be pretty hard at times. For that reason I thought I’d share some of my favourite parenting podcasts that you need to subscribe to.

Lockdown Parenting Hell – Rob Beckett & Josh Widdicombe.

Guaranteed to provide the laughs as Rob and Josh talk you through their parenting fails of the week including the most relatable trip to the cinema with two kids. There are two podcasts a week; on Tuesdays they speak with a celebrity parent about their experience of lockdown and the general parent life, and on Fridays they share stories and messages from listeners including moments of saltiness from them both when meeting fans – never bake a cake for Rob!

Parenting Podcasts - Lockdown Parenting

LuAnna – Luisa Zissman and Anna Williamson.

Not technically a parenting podcast but motherhood is a big focus on here and definitely not one to have on around the kids but it is HILARIOUS! Expect inappropriate stories, rants and their take on the biggest news stories of the week mixed with their super honest accounts of motherhood. Also make sure you’re following Luisa and Anna on Instagram – if only to relive Anna’s ‘Poogate’ Instastories from her family trip in a campervan and to swoon over Luisa’s ‘National Trust’ garden.

Parenting Podcasts - LuAnna

Happy Mum, Happy Baby – Giovanna Fletcher.

This is such a lovely, well put together podcast with great guests – the final episode of the current series is focused on Samantha Cameron. During each podcast, Giovanna chats with celebrity parents (past guests have included The Duchess of Cambridge, Emma Willis, Candice Braithwaite and Joe Wicks) to find out what their childhoods were like, how they’re finding parenthood and the challenges they’ve faced.

Parenting Podcasts - Happy Mum, Happy Baby

Shagged, Married and Annoyed – Chris and Rosie Ramsey.

Fridays are SMA day! Rosie Ramsey is one of my favourite people to follow on Instagram as she’s hilarious and she holds her own alongside her husband, comedian Chris Ramsey, on the podcast. Although not strictly just a parenting podcast, the pair share stories from their life with their little boy, which are super relatable.

Parenting Podcasts - Shagged, Married, Annoyed

What are your favourite parenting podcasts? Let me know in the comments.


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