About Me.

I’m Emma. 30 (eek), a first time mum to Harley and addicted to reality TV.

I’m not an expert by any means but I’ll be sharing my experiences and maybe in turn someone somewhere might get something out of it. At the very least it’ll give my mum another reason to use her iphone I guess!

At times I can be a bit irrational, just to warn you. For eight months I kept a note on my iphone of every feed Harley had had since he was born, including the time and the ounceage. I am a professional iphone screen smasher. I get super angry and passive aggressive in supermarket car parks near parent and child spaces. And I have a major obsession with McVities Digestive Chocolate Biscuits and Twinings Breakfast Tea. Think that’s all you need to know. Read away…

Get in touch with me at aspiringyummymummy@outlook.com.


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