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My Friday Favourite. Part Two.

A treat for mum this time. Baby wipes have destroyed my hands, fact. They’re so dry and icky and I know it’s because of the baby and anti-b wipes. So I’ve been on the hunt the ultimate hand cream, and I think I’ve found it… The L‘Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream. It’s thick but not […]

My five stages of mum hair.

I’ve always been a low maintenance hair kind of girl. My hair has a natural wave so I’m able to leave it to dry without styling (although it does take about 12 hours because it’s so thick). However, since having Harley I’ve found that I’ve fallen into a hair-style rut, which can be broken down […]

The Aspiring Yummy Mummy

Aspiring to be a yummy mummy.

Since being a mum, I like most new mums, may have forgotten to make time for myself. It’s inevitable when you’ve got a tiny little person who is completely dependent on you and a house to look after that making time for you slips down the list of priorities. My new getting ready routine now consists […]

Let’s talk hair.

I’d heard the stories, read all about it on pregnancy forums and was even warned by my hairdresser but nothing had quite prepared me for it. I’m talking post-pregnancy hairloss.  Six months into motherhood and I’m not going to lie I smugly thought I’d escaped the worse. That was until a couple of weeks ago […]