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Then there was Ada.

10pm on Thursday 4th January; when our family became complete. Ada’s arrival was quick and wonderful (albeit very painful but the gas and air helped) and now I couldn’t imagine life without her. We’re all besotted and Harley is obsessed. After being induced with Harley (due to his size – he weighed 9lbs but was […]

Pregnancy Update: 37/38 Weeks.

I was so convinced I was going to have this baby early but now I’m not so sure. I’m trying everything I can to try and encourage this little one to come out before Christmas including all the spicy food, bouncing on the exercise ball, the raspberry leaf, I’ve even brought a Sex Bomb bath […]

Pregnancy Update: 34 – 36 Weeks.

So I’m on the home stretch now. This pregnancy has flown by at a ridiculous rate and I still don’t fully think that I’ve got my head around the fact that I’m going to be a mum of two sometime soon. This week (week 36) in particular I’ve had a couple of ‘oooh what’s that?’ […]

Pregnancy Update: 30 – 33 Weeks.

Wow so I’ve reached the eight month point. It’s gone so fast this time round, with Harley the weeks dragged so much but during this pregnancy I blink and it’s Monday again. I’ve also become ridiculously rubbish at my ‘weekly’ pregnancy updates hence the four weeks covered in this one, oops. It’s been an eventful-ish […]

Pregnancy Update: 28/29 Weeks.

Eek, I am huge. So pregnant. It’s another double update because I’m rubbish basically. But the past couple of weeks have been a struggle and energy at an all-time low. It has meant lots of sofa time and having dinner cooked for me. And the good kind of dinners too – steak and spinach, gotta […]

Pregnancy Update: 26/27 Weeks

It’s a double update this week as the past few days have flown by and I’ve barely had chance to sit down! I’ve also been feeling really yucky with not one but two colds (how does that happen?!) and have basically just wanted to lie on the sofa eating biscuits and watching Real Housewives of […]

Pregnancy Update: 25 Weeks.

Hiyaaaa future me who will no doubt be reading this in a year’s time as baby is nearing her first birthday. This week has been fun. Not – it’s been mainly sponsored by sneezing, snot and the constant toing and froing over whether to take paracetamol or not (I know there’s nothing wrong with taking […]

Pregnancy Update: 24 Weeks.

Jeez the weeks are just flying by now, well over halfway now, eek. It’s been a funny old week in Toddlerville with some epic tantrums thrown by Harley and lots of tears shed by Harley (and me too). Let’s just say we can never go back to Twycross Zoo again. I am now very pregnant. […]

Pregnancy Update: 23 Weeks.

I’m so close to the six month mark now, where has the time gone?! I’m sure by this point with Harley we’d got everything done bar ordering his pushchair. Must try harder. This week has seen my hormones go wild and me gradually getting used to this new life as a zombie, but I’ve had […]

Pregnancy Update: 22 weeks.

The weeks are flying by and I can’t believe that over half way through now. This week has been busy, a trip to London with work (the train made me soooo tired), lots of running around and a new found obsession with decluttering everywhere I go. Bump is growing at rapid speed and I basically […]